Building & Classrooms


The school campus is located in the residential area of sector 37-A Chandigarh. The campus is modern well ventilated with open space around it. The structure and its design is neat and welcoming. A large multipurpose, all weather and well lit hall also serves as a multifunctional area. We have child-centric primary school infrastructure which provides a safe and hygienic environment for our children.


The classrooms are air-conditioned equipped with latest smart board technology. The classrooms are well lighted with neatly laid furniture. This makes the learning multidimensional, interactive and illustrative .Outcome of which has been very encouraging.

Co Curricular Activities Facilities


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It has been established that children who are introduced to music and dance early in their life has a great impact on their learning outcomes and expressions. Moreover children love to dance and sing. We have assigned a separate well equipped room for music and dance where the talent of young and budding artists are horned.


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Sandpits encourage the imaginations and creativity of children while developing gross and fine motor skills. Playing in sand provides an opportunities for the children to develop gross motor skills when they dig, shovel, lift, carry, tunnel, and rake .Pouring, shifting , moulding, drawing, patting and decorating all help to develop fine motor skills.


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In the age of IT , computers have become a necessity. To cater to this need, the school has air-conditioned and user friendly computer lab. Computer lab is well equipped with latest technology PCs and a network binding them together. The lab support the academic study of Computer Science as a subject. Qualified teachers help students to be ‘tech savvy’ and confident in using latest technology.


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Multi purpose sports area for net games , such as , badminton , throw ball , basketball and volleyball . PT , Yoga , Drills are part of daily physical development of students. An absolutely fun-filled exterior which provides number of choices for the kindergarten students that is cycling, slide and see-saw swings. Students also learn Skating in school.


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• The school has 2 buses and 1 van catering to the students of Chandigarh and around.
• Buses equipped with Speed Governor, CCTV and GPS facility.
• Lady attendant in each bus.
• Relevant documents/credentials of Bus Staff (Driver/Conductors/Lady attendants) verified by the police before appointment.
• First aid box in each bus.
• Attendance register in each bus.
• List of students put up in the bus with class, section and mobile no. of parents.

Saftey of Students

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• CCTV cameras have been installed in classrooms, exit and entry gates of the school, and school corridors to monitor the movement in the school.
• Fire extinguishing devices have been installed which are inspected on a regular basis.
• Visitor entry in the school premises is strictly monitored. No one other than the school personnel is permitted access beyond the reception.
• Students playing in the ground during the physical Education class or during recess are monitored by required number of staff members.