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Mrs. Usha Kumar

Founder, Director

Passion for Progress

Playway Smart School is synonymous with quality education and is a pioneer in laying strong foundations and fostering an all-round growth in here’s wards. Playway Smart School has been a dream project of Mrs. Usha Kumar. This prestigious temple of education was established in 1965 in a bunglow located in sector 19, Chandigarh. Mrs Usha kumar,a believer in promoting excellence in early childhood education. Her’s is a success story of passion for teaching, enthusiasm for the welfare of young learners and unrelenting hard work and research in teaching methodologies.

Fifty long years in this profession, one has yet to see her spirits dampen in any way. Her faith, poise and unstinted devotion, is the fire that has steered this organisation to its desired goal. She is the spirit and the soul of the school. As the primary founder of the school, she left no stone unturned to ensure all round development of all students.