Meet the Administrative Team

Mrs. Anoma Kumar (M.A. M.PHIL)


A brilliant yet down to earth academician, Mrs. Anoma Kumar is a gold medalist from Punjab University in Geography. A soft spoken, understanding and a helpful administrator , her leadership offers parents, teachers and students, a friendly environment that allows them an easy access for the redressal of their concerns and problems. She has been steering this institution in sync. with the founder director, for over a decade.

Mrs. Navjyoti Singh (B.A. B.Ed.)

Vice Principal

Mrs. Navjyoti Singh is a Bachelor of Arts in English language from Delhi University, a B.Ed and a PG Diploma holder in Marketing Management. She has over 20 years of experience in teaching, administration and management of pre-schools, having established four pre-schools in Punjab and two in Gujrat. She is well versed with needs of growing children. Blessed with a pleasing personality and armed with deep rooted desire to fine tune existing pedagogical practices, she is sure to shape the lives of young and impressionable learners in a manner, most fruitful and rewarding.

Mrs.Meenakshi Mohindra (M.A. B.Ed.)


President’s Award winner in education, Mrs. Meenakshi Mohindra, former Principal, Bhavan Vidyalaya Chandigarh, joined the Playway team as a consultant in 2011. To her goes the credit of introducing educational technology in the school, training the staff and reshaping lessons to match global standards. She is continuously updating and modifying pedagogical practices and encouraging teachers to pay utmost heed to micro planning of lessons and updating their knowledge banks to stay current.

Mr. K. Kumar (B.Sc.)


Mr. K. Kumar, Deputy Secretary Transport, Haryana, took over as Manager of the school, after his retirement, to support his wife’s “Mission Education”. Although his covert support had always been there as a life partner, it now became distinctly overt as he planned, executed and supervised every nail and screw hammered into the new complex from start to finish. His eye for detail, pragmatic planning and intense supervision saw the entire structure up and ready in less than six months.